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General Counselling

Fees, Terms and Confidentiality


Cost for counselling

 Appointments last for one hour.

 I charge £60 per appointment.

 I offer a six session package for £330. Payment in full is required in advance.

Cost for Infertility Stress Management

 A one hour session costs £60.00 for an individual £70.00 for a couple.

 A course of 6 sessions of Infertility Stress Management is offered at £330. Payment in full is required in advance.


Skype, FaceTime and Telephone

 Counselling appointments or stress management sessions via Skype, FaceTime and telephone are by prior arrangement and will require the exchange of Skype ID details and telephone numbers in advance of the session.

 My Skype ID is wendy-martin1

Payment of Fees

 Fees can be paid by card reader, online bank transfer, cash or cheque.

 If the session is by phone, Skype or FaceTime, the fee needs to be paid in advance by bank transfer.

Frequency and Regularity of Sessions

 I do not give any recommendation for the number, frequency or regularity of sessions but rather accommodate to the needs of each individual or couple.

 For example, some people feel it would be helpful to come every week - and this is what we do. Others, however, would like to come regularly but can only afford to come every other week or every month. Likewise, many of the people I see prefer to use my service as an emotional resource and come when they need some extra support. I am happy to offer whatever makes it possible for you.

 I work very flexibly because some people work shifts or have commitments that mean they cannot come at the same time every week. I am happy to work around your availability.

 I offer appointments at different times throughout the week and, as well as daytime appointments, I have some evening and Saturday appointments.


 If you need to cancel an appointment please give me 24 hours notice either by email, text or by leaving a voice-mail message and unless there are exceptional or unforeseen circumstances, I reserve the right to charge the full fee.


 All sessions start at the arranged time as the session needs to finish at the agreed time.

 For face-to-face sessions it is best to make allowances for possible transport or traffic problems.

 Currently there is free parking in the streets around my house.

 Please do not arrive early as it may interrupt the previous session.


Code of Practice

 As a registered and accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) I am bound by strict codes of practice.

 I work in accordance with the ethical code of practice relating to counselling/psychotherapy and supervision outlined in the BACP Ethical Framework and Code of Practice. 

 You can find the section in the BACP Ethical Framework on Respecting Privacy and Confidentiality. Click here for the BACP website.

 The identity of all individuals with whom I work remains anonymous, and the content of what is shared in sessions is strictly confidential.

 All work undertaken between you and I will remain confidential except if any safeguarding concerns are raised during the session which give me cause for concern about your safety, or that of others, in which case I reserve the right to contact an external party (e.g. your GP, social worker, the police etc.) even if it requires me to breach confidentiality. This will, where possible, be discussed with you first. 

 I will therefore need to record your name, address, date of birth and your GP surgery for this purpose and this purpose alone. I will discuss this with you in more detail when we meet - and you are welcome to ask any questions.

Record Keeping

 Notes of the content of the sessions will be written during the session and kept for the purposes of the work while it is ongoing. All notes will be kept safely between sessions.

 Notes will be kept for three years and then destroyed three years following the completion of work.

 You have the right to request copies of your notes. I would require one month’s notice for this. If you have attended as a couple, you will both need to agree to the request.

 Notes will not be supplied to any third party unless it is with the clients’ express and written permission or unless subpoenaed by a court of law.

Data Protection

 Telephone voicemail messages used for the purposes of appointment setting will be deleted.

 Texts and email correspondence may be kept for administrative purposes only.

 Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Confidentiality and Clinical Supervision

 Every counsellor is required to discuss their work with a clinical supervisor on a regular basis in order to ensure safe, ethical, useful and effective practice. I have regular clinical supervision; however, I will not reveal your identity to my supervisor.

 My supervisor is also bound by her own ethical code of practice as far as confidentiality is concerned.

Please feel free to enquire for more information or make an appointment:

Telephone: 07847 263 794

Email: info@wendymartin.org

Web: www.wendymartin.org

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