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In my private practice I offer emotional support and implications counselling to patients of the two eminent specialist infertility consultants Mrs Uma Gordon and Mr Valentine Akande, who both provide private care for patients undergoing fertility investigations and treatments in the south west of England.

Mrs Uma Gordon

Mr Valentine Akande

Support during investigations and treatment

While you are being treated either by Mr Akande or Mrs Gordon counselling can provide emotional support or be a way of exploring the issues surrounding any decision to undertake or continue on with fertility treatment.

Implications Counselling for treatment involving a donor

If you are using donated sperm, eggs or embryos whether in the UK or abroad it is highly recommended that you speak to a counsellor about the emotional and ethical implications before embarking on treatment. These structured conversations help you explore the many and varied issues that arise during your decision making, treatment and later in life.

Implications counselling provides you with an emotionally safe place in which to explore the many aspects of having a child in this way and what such treatment means to you and those close to you. These can include:

 How you feel about having to let go of having your own genetic child and the losses that this invokes

 Any thoughts and feelings you might have about having a child that is not genetically yours or your partner’s

 If you are single, what it means to have a child without a partner

 How your family and friends are responding to your intentions to try and conceive a child through gamete donation - and what their thoughts may be about this (if you are telling them)

 Your views about telling the child of how it was conceived - the ‘how’ and the ‘when’

 Any concerns you may have for a child who will have been conceived in this way - when it is young and as it grows up

 The feelings you may have about the possibility of the child being able to contact the donor when they are an adult, or the opposite, what will it be like for them if they can’t contact the donor and might be curious about their origins.

The opportunity to explore these topics (and many more) is essential to ensure you are really prepared for this step.

For more information on private fertility treatment at The Spire Hospital:

Mrs Uma Gordon at The Spire

Mr Valentine Akande at The Spire

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